“Why are you selling the book this way?”

When I wrote this book, I had two goals. The first was that I create something tangible that could be left for my family. I wanted to take the things I thought were important and give them permanence. The second goal was that the book be able to make a difference. I wanted it to impact people emotionally, but to also be able to give back to those people in a very real way. I wanted a completely positive experience.

This book carries some important messages. It has the message of faith, be it faith in life, in your friends, in humanity, in a Higher Power, or in Santa. It also tackles childhood issues such as bullying, friendship, and dealing with personal hardship. All of this is sprinkled against the backdrop of the North Pole, Santa, and the elves. It delivers its message in a humorous and tender way that will have you embracing your Christmas Spirit all year long. I believe this book can make a difference.

The reality is, unfortunately, that before a book sees the light of day you have to join the publishing system. The system is designed so that agents, publishers, printers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers all take their cut, while the author does the promoting of the book. At the end of the day, there is very little left for the author, never mind any extra for something as “crazy” as charity. They will also tell you that you HAVE to join their system. You can’t be successful without them.

I have over twenty years of experience in the corporate business world including ten in online sales. I have two college degrees in business. What I see, is a changing landscape on the horizon that tells me that they are simply incorrect and trying desperately to hang on to their traditional way of doing business. The rise of social media and the online space has tied people together in new ways that allow individuals to influence each other with more valuable messages than ever before. This new social experience has also become so strong that it is causing the unfortunate demise of our traditional book outlets, like Borders.

In a nutshell, I believe they are wrong. I believe that a book can be made without the middlemen, and I have done just that. I believe that a book can be used to give back, and this one will. At least $3.00 of every online sale will go to charity. That $3.00 is money that the middleman would have taken in the process. Lastly, I believe that this book can be sold through “word of mouth.” I believe that if you love the book and see its social value, that you will pass that on to your friends in whatever manner suits you, be it verbally, private eMail or Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.

After all, almost every book ever bought started with a person saying to another friend, “Hey, have you read that new book yet?”

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A Faithful Elf Book Cover