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If someone asked if you believed in Santa Claus, what would you say?  And would you know how important your answer would be? 

Faith is a funny thing. It can be your constant strength or it can be so fleeting that it is gone in a moment. Sometimes, it exists only when sustained by others.  I will tell you, however, that the strongest and rarest faith of all is that which runs deep in your own heart and exists without question. That is the faith that makes the world turn. That is the faith that joins people together. That is the faith… that makes miracles happen.

So I ask you, "Do you believe in Santa Claus?"

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The Last Letter.  When Santa Claus made that rule a hundred years ago, it was made “just in case.”  It was an afterthought.  He never imagined it would create a circle of events that would change a little elf’s life forever.  He certainly didn’t think it would expose a secret he had kept hidden for almost one hundred years.

But it did.

Now, with only four weeks until Christmas, a boy elf must rely on his faith to save ‘Sangefin’…faith in his friends, in himself and in ‘something bigger.’  Helped by a mysterious woman, he will come face to face with his secret magical past as he attempts to rescue the elves’ jobs, teach a boy about true friendship, and mend a little girl’s broken heart.  Welcome to the world of Little Nick, the faithful elf.  His lesson will be a gift you will treasure throughout the year and for years to come.

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